About NSR

Those in the corporate world are always working to reduce expenditures. One major source of overhead for any business is the cost of acquiring technology. Servers, data storage, and networking systems are all vital components of any corporate computing infrastructure. In order to reduce the costs of corporate computing, many Fortune 1000 companies are turning to refurbished computer equipment.

One of the many incorrect perceptions related to refurbished IT equipment revolves around the notion of value. From a strictly monetary standpoint, refurbished servers can save a company 50 to 95 percent off the retail price. Still, many have their doubts as to whether refurbished systems will have the reliability of a factory new system.

In order to address this concern, Network Systems Resellers (NSR), a national company based out of Denver, Colorado, invites you to inspect in detail their revolutionary Four Part Guarantee. The dedicated staff at NSR want you to feel absolutely confident that you are making a purchase that will not only save you money, but also give you a quality product that is guaranteed. In order to do so, their Four Part Guarantee covers the configuration, refurbishment, maintenance, and your total satisfaction in your newly refurbished server. NSR offers the best refurbished servers from all of the leading hardware manufacturers, including IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, and Sun Microsystems.

The knowledgeable staff at Network Systems Resellers, some of who have over 20 years experience in information technology industry, have devised an Eight Point Refurbishment process. This entails a system inspection, system testing, diagnosis, repair / replacement process, restoration of physical appearance, final testing, shipment preparation, and packaging of the refurbished server. Attention is paid to every aspect of the refurbishment process in order to ensure your newly refurbished server meets the manufacturer's original OEM standards. Further browse the NSR website, www.TrustNSR.com, to discover in full how Network System Resellers is redefining the refurbished server industry, or call them toll free at 888-878-7867.