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A recent survey conducted by CIO Magazine found that 77% of companies surveyed buy refurbished equipment. The biggest factor in choosing refurbished technology over new equipment was to lower capital expenses.

NSR can save you 50% to 75% off of new equipment prices in most cases. Just ask us for a quote.

The survey also uncovered the biggest concerns IT decision makers have regarding the purchase of used equipment. Three of the top concerns included equipment reliability, equipment quality, and retaining service of maintenance contracts on refurbished equipment.

NSR’s 4-Part Guarantee addresses all these concerns and more. We put all our systems through a rigorous 8-Point Refurbishment Process that ensures equipment reliability and quality. We also guarantee that every system will be eligible for the manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement.

The types of refurbished equipment most often purchased by the companies surveyed were complete systems and upgrades to servers, routers, switches, networking equipment, and storage. For these types of IT investments, refurbished is the smart and effective alternative.

NSR focuses exclusively on midrange/mainframe servers, storage and networking equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer refurbished equipment that is proving time and again to be the wise investment.

NSR can help you realize the tremendous cost savings of refurbished equipment without the risk. Contact us today!


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