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NSR provides the gold standard in refurbished systems at the most competitive prices available today and backed by our industry leading 4-Part Guarantee. We combine this dedication to quality with the technical expertise needed to configure the right solutions to fit your needs. Our extensive inventory of quality equipment will qualify for the manufacturer’s maintenance agreement and is further backed by our unparalleled commitment to your total satisfaction.

Our 4-Part Guarantee sets NSR apart from all others in the industry and includes:

CONFIGURATION GUARANTEE: We have the technical expertise and experience to identify the right system, upgrades, features, and options to meet your requirements. With NSR you can be certain you will receive a complete system solution resulting in a smooth and timely installation, without unexpected delays in your systems deployment. Find out more>>

REFURBISHMENT GUARANTEE: All our systems are put through an 8-Point Refurbishment Process. You can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality refurbished systems money can buy. Find out more>>

MAINTENANCE GUARANTEE: Every system sold by NSR is guaranteed eligible for the manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement. You can rest assured our systems will be maintained by the manufacturer or a 3rd party maintenance provider. Find out more>>

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We go one step further by backing every piece of equipment with our own warranty. 100% satisfaction is our commitment to every single customer. Find out more>>


We learned along time ago the key to a successful installation and a happy customer was to do our homework up front... at the Requirement Definition stage. That’s why we are passionate about talking with your engineers early in the process to help strategize and identify the right system and the associated options and features that may be required in order for a system to fit into your new or existing computing environment.

We will setup a no-charge Systems Assurance Review with you, your engineer(s) and an NSR Specialist. The purpose of this review is to walk through a variety of topics to ensure all bases are covered and all possible options are considered. Topics may include:

Needs Assessment
Hardware/System Configuration
Configuration Validation
Software Environment
Interoperability Pre-Requisites (i.e. Networks, Storage, Peripherals, Systems)
Site Requirements(i.e. Power, Voltage, AC, Backup, Cabling)
Delivery Considerations (physical and timeframe)
Network Environment
Installation Issues and Planning
Maintenance Considerations
Push/Pull Deployments
Timeline Planning

You must remember, your organization may install a few large systems a year. NSR can provide hundreds of refurbished systems a year to our customers. We have learned from past experiences. This is what we do all day, every day. The bottom line is this methodology results in the right configuration the first time. Not after a system has already been delivered and everyone finding out an interface was never spec’ed into the system or that cables were not ordered. This just results in installation delays, missed deadlines, lost productivity and lost revenues!

Let us guarantee your configuration by holding a Systems Assurance Review on your next system requirement.
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Our 8-Point Refurbishment Process is the most comprehensive in the industry and includes:

1. System Inspection: When equipment is received, it is fully inspected for cosmetic damage or imperfections. We also inspect each system component for its proper visual operation.

2. System Test: Each system is tested using sophisticated diagnostic tools to validate that each component meets its manufacturer’s standard operational specifications and that its sub-assemblies are working properly.

3. Diagnosis: Results of the physical inspection and system test are reviewed and validated. If a system or an individual component does not meet the manufacturer’s operational specification or visual operation, then the system is slated for NSR’s repair/replacement procedure.

4. Repair/Replace Process: The defective component or system is repaired or replaced using only OEM parts and components that are pre-tested in advance and prior to installation. This is to ensure the highest quality and reliability of each system repaired as well as ensuring every system and its components are guaranteed to qualify for the manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement.

5. Physical Appearance: Every system is thoroughly cleaned to bring back a “like new” appearance. If significant blemishes exist, then the exterior panel(s) or enclosure will be repainted to match the original manufacturer color. Any exterior damage to a system will result in the replacement of that damaged panel(s) or enclosure.

6. Final Testing: A battery of tests are performed on each system. This includes tests to validate all interfaces, sub-systems, interconnects, panel lights, latches, hinges, casters and other components, in order to validate their proper working condition. This process not only tests the system as a standalone device, but its interoperability with other devices directly attached or on a network (as applicable).

7. Shipment Prep: A final inspection is performed on the system as well as the incorporation of any applicable manuals, cables, media, mounting hardware and external sub-systems/options. This is all matched up against each line item on the original order to validate the system is complete and ready for the packing process.

8. Packaging: All systems/components are properly packaged using the appropriate packing material (i.e. bubble wrap, foam, airbags, etc.) and prepared for shipment based upon the systems dimensions, weight, method of shipment, and delivery timeframe. All shipping precautions are taken to ensure minimal movement within the box or crate. Palletization, crating and banding are used whenever needed to ensure a safe and event-free delivery. Proper care is taken to utilize only qualified shippers and carriers experienced in transporting computer related equipment.
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NSR guarantees every system we sell will qualify for the manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement. Any system you acquire from NSR will either qualify for a new or existing maintenance contract with the manufacturer or a 3rd party maintenance provider.

Once you receive your system, contact your maintenance provider and advise them you would like to put your system under a maintenance agreement. The maintenance provider will most likely add the system under your existing maintenance agreement or may perform an inspection prior to acceptance under maintenance. This is a normal procedure performed by the maintenance company in order to confirm the equipment meets their specifications for maintainability.

If, during the inspection, the maintenance provider has any questions, NSR will be available to answer them. If for any reason, they determine the system does not qualify for maintenance, then NSR will be ready to replace and/or repair the system or its components immediately. All you need to do is coordinate the initial introduction and communication between NSR and your maintenance provider.

Our bottom line promise is each and every system you acquire from NSR can be placed under a maintenance agreement, just like a new system! This gives you the peace of mind of knowing if anything goes wrong with the equipment after acceptance for maintenance, the manufacturer will repair the system.
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All equipment you acquire from NSR comes with our own 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Every system comes with a 30 to 90 day warranty (see below), which is above and beyond its eligibility for maintenance by the manufacturer.

NSR Warranty

  IBM Corporation 30 days
  Cisco Systems 90 days
  Hewlett Packard 30 days
  Compaq 30 days
  Emulex 30 days

Nortel Networks

30 days
  All Other Manufacturers 30 days

Our objective is to establish long term relationships with every customer. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our equipment, our service, and our company. That's why, if you have any problems during our warranty period, just give us a call. We will immediately address your concerns. Our unwavering commitment to your total satisfaction is why you can always trust NSR.

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